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Naboisho, which in Masai means "coming together”, is a community driven initiative to create a wildlife conservation and tourism area that supports the livelihoods of the landowners and surrounding communities. Naboisho is a 200 km2 area that lies to the far east of the Mara/Serengeti Eco system. This large conservancy is well known region for its first class flora and fauna and has remained untouched by anyone other than the land owners who used it solely for light grazing of their herds. It is also home to the well known and highly regarded Koyaki Guide School. The geographic position at the north eastern tip of one the world’s finest eco systems meant that the pressures for the indigenous guardians became too much. By 2006 the landowners were increasingly under threat through droughts, land subdivision and poverty and so approached the Basecamp Foundation to support them in forming a conservancy.

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After three years of intense negotiations the foundation, along with key local individuals, was in a position to approach select operators who could provide the guarantees to make their hard work become a reality. In 2010 Asilia along with three other operators entered into a strong agreement to guarantee the financial security through bed nights to ensure the future of this vital conservation work. The core conservation area for the conservancy comprises of over 200 km2 of healthy eco system, which is dedicated to wildlife conservation. The area currently benefits enormously from spill over from the Mara reserve and the surrounding conservancies and already the estimated density of lions is already as high as or higher than many of other well known parks in the region including the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. The objectives and benefits of the conservancy will be to support the biodiversity conservation and the socio ¬cultural heritage of the region while generating income and jobs for the community using tourism as the economic driver. It will offer additional benefits like health care, clean energy and empowerment of the local people through education and skills training. The conservancy is characterised by sweeping open plains that roll into forested seasonal streams. The habitat is ideal for plains game and therefore the conservancy is rich in predators who take advantage of the food supply and suitable vegetation cover. Asilia Africa as part of their commitment to this region will open its 8 tent camp, Naboisho camp, on June the 1st 2011 and through this will seek to open up this unique are and all its dramatic experiences to its guests. The unrivalled wilderness and unique relationship with the owners has been hailed by conservationists’ world wide and Asilia will offer a wide range of activities to allow guests to fully appreciate the full benefits of this remarkable region.

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Naboisho Camp

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