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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to come face to face with wild dolphins on their terms? The act of conscious interaction is when dolphins STOP what they are doing to engage with humans. Angie’s Dolphin Center in Ponta do Ouro, has been taking people to visit her finned friends since the mid 90’s and offers a profound experience that often leaves one wondering who is actually looking at who. Through a specially developed DolphinCare code of Conduct a safe space is created whereby human-dolphin encounters can take place; during which time data is collected for the longterm monitoring of the Dolphins of Ponta Project. The specially designed Dolphin Encountour is suitable for families with children from the age of 5 onwards (under 5’s by special arrangement) and offers a wonderful opportunity for one to explore the marine environment while learning about wild dolphins and the ocean. A perfect environment for would be scuba divers and photographers. This is a wild dolphin experience that can be comparable to a captive experience EXCEPT the dolphins are not fed or coaxed, deprived or ill treated. They come and engage out of their own free will. This is ethical marine mammal tourism at it’s best. Encountours are run throughout the year with the winter months seeing the migration of the humpback whale. All encounters are subject to sea conditions were visibility, sea state and current influencing encountours. Tourist peaks see dolphins less sociable due to increased activities within their home range so try and avoid the silly seasons. The DolphinCare volunteer program offers a unique opportunity for one to gain hands on experience with a focus on dolphins, whales and turtles in-season. For some it is a journey tuning into mother nature through both giving back and really diving in and for others it is used as platform to extend their knowledge on wild dolphins, their behavior, the marine environment & ethical marine mammal tourism practice. Programs cater for participates from the ages of 18yrs onwards and are suitable for school leaves, gap years and sojourn seekers. 2 weeks eco-tourism volunteer; 1 month research volunteer and 3 month internships are available.

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In terms of distance, Dolphin Lodge is: 390 km North of Maputo 1000km Drive from Johannesburg / Pretoria 1000 km drive from Durban

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Game fishing: Fishing charters are available at the resort lodge. Fish species found in the area include Cuta, Greater Barracuda, Kingfish, Queen Fish, Dorado, Sailfish and Marlin. Zavora has excellent surf launching facilities. Storage facilities for ski boat owners who wish to leave their boats at Zavora are available. Fly Fishing: Ocean fly fishing from kyaks, jet ski's, boats, or the reef make for a very busy and exciting day indeed. Expect to catch Kingfish and Bonnita on the fly. Jet Skiing: The protected bay behind the reef makes for an excellent place to learn to ride a jetski in the surf. Venture out from behind the reef and enjoy amongst the most exciting surf rides of your life! Sailing: Hobies and smaller yachts are well at home in the Zavora surf and behind the reef. Whale watching: Zavora is host to large numbers of whales which frequent the bay during the months of June to October every year. Whales often swim close to shore and are easily viewed from the Lodge. Scuba Diving:he Lodge offers diving charters with a specialized diving operation in place. Zavora has several reefs (mostly unexplored) that stretch for about 40km offshore. Often seen are Manta and Devil rays, Whale Sharks, various pelagic fish and large shoals of reef and game fish. 4 x 4 and Quad Bike Activities: The Lodge and surrounds lends itself to this type of activity. Sound environmental friendly practices are encouraged whilst indulging in these activities.
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Title: Dolphin Lodge

Author: Nicoline Dickinson
Posted: Tue, 26 October 2010, 21:14:00
Dolphin Lodge is like a jewel in the night, I have never seen a place as beautiful as that, I have only gone there to "view" it and it was breath taking. If ever I could afford to stay there that will be my dream come true.

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