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Welcome to an African home away from home, where you can relax with your shoes off enjoying the most beautiful scenic view, sipping your favorite drinks, listening to the sounds of the sea, birds and breezes which encompass the Aura of Chemane Lodge.Meeting the owners Abel and Thandi would make your visit even more memorable. Chemane Lodge is situated on a mountain overlooking a sweet water lake with tranquil dunes just 15 min walk to the Light House walking across to the sea or 1.5km drive to the sea. The beaches are pristine and home to dolphins, whales and turtles while game fish prowl the colourful reefs below. Watching the beauty of the sunrise and sunset whilst relaxing by the lakeside is absolutely breath taking only for the stars to emerge and drape the evening with the wonders of life, accompanying mellow music sounds in the background while having dinner or Abel and thandi mesmerizing you with performing softly until gently taking you to the dance floor to a late night of PARTYING. Music being the blood line of the family also gives joy to the Mozambicans who have proudly sung their National Anthem composed by Abel Chemane uncle Justinho Chemane.There is nothing rushed about this place as its tranquil splendor is unchanged over thousands of years. Come one come all to this stress free environment, local ubuntu, an African home away from home is Chemane Lodge.

Chemane Lodge Amenities

Restaurant Dinning at the resort is a treat of fresh fish on availability of local fish, prawns, crayfish, crab and calamari. Quality meat and a mixture of local African meals are served. The bar has a range of Portuguese and South African wines, malt and local beers like lorentino and 2m. ACTIVITIES; Snorkeling, swing sailing, windsurfing, Fishing, Fresh water fountains, swimming, mountain walking. Dont forget to bring along your guitar or any musical instrument to have fun. Christmas and New year Specials. Take advantage of our season holiday offer and stay 10 nights enjoying the last night on the house.

Area Attractions

Chemane Lodge is situated 270km north of Maputo and 70km north of Xai Xai winding with the Indian Ocean, lush and green with coconut palms, cashnut trees dominating the area. The area is called Chidenguele which means the highest point in the local language in Chope. The African market called Mercado has supplies of all general goods such as fruit vegetables beer and Pau the great Mozambican bread. It has a Roman Catholic cathedral which stands on its own on the mountain making a statement of absolute beauty. The lakes and vallies with lush fruit trees and pristine beaches are natures pride.
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Chemane Lodge

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