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VOI Kiwengwa Package

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Traveler Reviews   Traveler Rating: 4.91 (out of 5)
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Best Travel Experience

Rating:  stars
Author: Theni Msibi
Posted: Tuesday, November 14 2017, 11:28:05

What an outing! We had the best fun at VOI Kiwengwa even though me and my friend were the only Africans amongst the Italians but we had a blast. The food is top notch, staff very friendly and accommodating. Great place indeed.

Nice Resort in Zanzibar

Rating:  stars
Author: Lizel van Niekerk
Posted: Monday, May 15 2017, 16:11:32

The great part about VOI Kiwengwa being an Italian resort is the food, which very much so is mostly Italian style. The front desk manager is brilliant and very knowledgeable. The resort itself is clean as are the rooms and bathrooms. This is a very large resort so do not expect a lot of personal attention. We actually enjoyed the entertainment. The beach is nice. The kids club was great. This is a cheerful little Italian paradise.

Enjoyed Every Moment at VOI Kiwengwa

Rating:  stars
Author: Lucy Grobler
Posted: Monday, May 15 2017, 16:10:39

Great holiday at a great resort with great service. VOI Kiwengwa in Zanzibar. Staff were excellent. The rooms were big and clean and spacious. The pool was amazing. There was a big variety of food on offer including fresh fruit each day.

Excellent Hotel for a Family Vacation

Rating:  stars
Author: Jessica Flemming
Posted: Monday, May 15 2017, 16:09:44

We visited VOI Kiwengwa hotel, Zanzibar. The hotel is suitable for all ages - from families with children, couples through to pensioners. The hotel has an Italian Manager, at guaranteeing quality.

The hotel is clean, food excellent, animation programs conducted all day in Italian. The beach is affected by a strong inflow / outflow - during high tide the water goes to the sunbeds, during low tide it is a few tens meters away. Then you see the coral reefs and a number of sea urchins, scallops etc. The hotel has a number of trips such as Blue Safari - dolphins, Stone Town - Capital, Spice tour - a trip for spice. Wifi is unfortunately not free. But the Messenger and Facebook applications work without paid coupon.
Zanzibar is a great country for rest and exploring and I recommend this hotel.

Most Enjoyable Time at VOI

Rating:  stars
Author: Derek Van Wyk
Posted: Monday, May 15 2017, 16:08:51

Very nice place staying at VOI Kiwengwa Hotel. Although most of the guests are Italian, the food is really great and the service is excellent. The pool is huge. The pizza lunch was fabulous. We had an awesome time and will return

Piece of Paradise in Zanzibar

Rating:  stars
Author: Nate Long
Posted: Monday, May 15 2017, 16:08:01

A piece of Italy in Zanzibar! VOI Kiwengwa in a beautiful location. A great room with Italian towels linen etc. and amazing food. This is a big resort and can cater for roughly 500 people. As per previous reviews, the resort is overwhelmingly Italian, however, they can speak English and are helpful at all times. Try book an excursion to take you around the Zanzibar Island and get a different shopping experience.

Best Place to be in Zanzibar

Rating:  stars
Author: Johan Nel
Posted: Monday, May 15 2017, 16:07:10

Best place to be when travelling to Zanzibar is VOI Kiwengwa Hotel. People might say it is better for Italians, but I must say they are quite friendly and helpful. The activities on offer was really fun. The food was fresh and there was a variety ranging from seafood to Italian dishes. We had a great time staying here.

Amazing Stay in Zanzibar

Rating:  stars
Author: Jackie du Toit
Posted: Monday, May 15 2017, 16:06:29

We have just returned from a holiday in Zanzibar. We had a beautiful stay at VOI Kiwengwa. Everything was amazing. The Staff in the animation team, pool area, gardens and on the beach were all very friendly and helpful at all times. Few of the shows in the evening were just Italian and animation as well. We had a beautiful stay.

Voi Kiwengwa Offer Great Fun

Rating:  stars
Author: Melvin Lambert
Posted: Monday, May 15 2017, 16:05:23

Hotel VOI Kiwengwa offers the best entertainment we've seen so far. Italian Staff speak very little English, but it's not an obstacle you can't overcome. As a young couple we've had a blast.

Located on the beautiful beach, the depth of the water depends on the time of day. I would recommend to bring shoes for the water. Unfortunately ocean is filled with algae, which are being cleaned every day from the beach. Delicious food; clean rooms in African style. We loved it!

Beautiful Hotel in Zanzibar

Rating:  stars
Author: Norman Mack
Posted: Monday, May 15 2017, 16:04:31

We visited VOI Kiwengwa Hotel. We were welcomed nicely by the hotel staff and were given our room. The room was quite big, self-contained, and clean but very basic. The view from the room balcony was amazing. The hotel is very big; it has its own private beach, and a very big swimming pool. The hotel has two restaurants which offer a variety of foods. The food is delicious, especially the sea food and pastas which were served during the dinner. The Staff were very friendly, language used mostly was Italian, and yes hotel Staff were able to speak English, but an advantage for us as we are Tanzanians, we were talking to the hotel staff in our Swahili language. We really enjoyed our stay at VOI Kiwengwa Resort and we will visit again.

Voi Kiwengwa Zanzibar

Rating:  stars
Author: Wilis Rose
Posted: Monday, May 15 2017, 16:03:29

The hotel and Staff at VOI Kiwengwa were amazing. The Staff were always smiling, and very friendly. Food in the main restaurant was excellent especially the fresh fruits. I would recommend booking a trip around the Zanzibar Island. There were various animation programs available which kept you entertained. I would recommend this hotel to anyone traveling to Zanzibar

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