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Sea Cliff Resort and Spa

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Traveler Reviews   Traveler Rating: 4.83 (out of 5)
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Thank You - Dave

Rating:  stars
Author: Jo
Posted: Monday, March 13 2017, 12:27:18

Hi Dave

Just wanted to say a big thank you for organizing our trip. It was wonderful...everything worked like 'well oiled machinery' LOL!! The resort was a great choice, our room etc. was what we asked for and and we really enjoyed our time there.

We did take two tours offered by the people who did the transfers and it seems we didn't get ripped off like other guests at out hotel!! Well I hope so anyway!! Prices varied horrendously and it may be good to warn future guests. AfricaStay will certainly be recommended by us and we would like to use your services in future.

Thanks again

The SeaCliff resort is top class

Rating:  stars
Author: Brian Arentsen
Posted: Monday, April 08 2013, 14:04:11

Thank you for the follow up and I have to say my wife’s birthday trip to Zanzibar was a roaring success.
The SeaCliff resort was top class and we felt like we were in pure heaven for the full 9 nights that we were fortunate enough to be there for.
All the arrangements went off smoothly without a hitch and the resort really came to the party for my wife’s special birthday on the 20th rolling out a private seafood dinner on the jetty as well as a lovely locally constructed bouquet of flowers.

Thank you very much for arranging such a wonderful holiday for ourselves and if we’re ever looking to head back to Zanzibar we certainly will knock on AfricaStay’s door.

Kind regards

Brian Arentsen

Memorable holiday

Rating:  stars
Author: David
Posted: Monday, October 22 2012, 13:01:59

We had an amazing holiday and I took a bunch of amazing pics.

Excellent Service

Rating:  stars
Author: Anisa ismail
Posted: Monday, October 22 2012, 11:35:14

Thank you for the excellent service. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The place, hotel and food was all awesome.Thank you team "Africa Stay".

A truly unforgettable holiday.

Amazing holiday

Rating:  stars
Author: Anja Lubbe
Posted: Tuesday, March 20 2012, 11:53:17

Hi Marian, We had a fantastic time!! We felt the resort was such good value for money, especially when compared to the other resorts we saw when we travelled to different parts of the island. I also enjoyed that it was relatively secluded (not one long string of resorts). The staff were incredibly helpful and friendly. The hotel was stunning as it is still new, we had a great time on the lovely little private beach and the jetty bar is absolutely stunning! The food was fantastic and varied, and as the resort filled up, there was some great entertainment at dinner time. We would definitely recommend Sea Cliff to our friends and family.

Thank you for helping us organize an amazing holiday!
Anja Lubbe

Would recommend to anyone!

Rating:  stars
Author: Florian Wohl
Posted: Tuesday, March 20 2012, 11:53:17

Its no problem, it was fantastic, I really enjoyed Zanzibar and the people, it was really a great trip.
The resort was very nice, awesome pools and bars and the general setting is really beautiful. The staff were all helpful and friendly(not the quickest in general, but it didn’t really bother me).
If I had to nitpick id say that the bathrooms and the room itself were not quite 5 star quality, they were not bad but especially the bathrooms left something to be desired.
The food was good, not amazing but good. Otherwise it was all very nice and I met some great people there. I also did some great tours around the island which i could recommend and explored the island quite a bit, easy to find drivers.

The flights and the transfers were fine, ( aside from the crying baby on the last stretch :P ) nothing to complain about. Spending the night in Joburg on the way there sucked a bit but I guess that cant be helped with Mangos flight times.

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