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Reef and Beach Resort Package

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Rating:  stars
Author: Alexander
Posted: Monday, March 27 2017, 15:01:09

My girlfriend and I went to The Reef and Beach Resort earlier this year and had the best of times at the resort and on Zanzibar Island. Firstly, all the staff members are easy to get along with and speak very fluent English. They were very entertaining at times, sharing a bit of the history around the island.

The rooms at The Reef and Beach Resort get cleaned every day, almost to the point of it making it feel like it is your first day of check-in. The restaurant is very clean, the waiters always welcoming and the food was beyond exotic. Crab, crayfish, fish was always a treat for us to enjoy. Fantastic fresh fruit is delivered daily and we especially loved the themed evenings. We did various excursions through the resort which was an experience in itself. All the rooms have air conditioning as well which is welcomed on the very hot days.

The Perfect Spot. Definitely Recommend It

Rating:  stars
Author: Katerina
Posted: Monday, March 27 2017, 14:56:11

Should you be traveling to Zanzibar anytime soon, I definitely recommend the South East Coast as the place to stay. Reef and Beach Hotel to be specific. The rooms are spacious and bathrooms are clean. There is air conditioning available in the rooms. The hotel offers two bars; One being a jetty bar that hangs over the water at high tide. My favourite part about this hotel is that they don't charge for water. The hotel provides complementary bottles of water and have a refill service at the pool bar.

An excursion office is on site booking all kinds of outings on the island. The prices are good. Breakfast is included in the package but I would recommend booking All Inclusive. The food is awesome!!! Definitely do some snorkelling while you're there! All in all a great place to stay and I highly recommend it.


Rating:  stars
Author: Emma Collins
Posted: Monday, March 27 2017, 14:51:33

My friends and I spent just on 10 days at Reef Beach Bungalows. It was just a fantastic holiday and the place to be. All Management and staff were really kind and helpful! The rooms were clean and spacious and with a sea view, the food good with a wide variety at all times, and the jetty bar is just amazing. The beach and the bay is lovely. We had a really great trip.


Rating:  stars
Author: Aaron
Posted: Monday, March 27 2017, 14:47:55

Reef & Beach Hotel is the resort to be at when travelling to Zanzibar. They go beyond all expectations. It is very nice, big and well maintained. The staff extend all expectations, and were very friendly toward us. An extra special thanks to the Management team at Reef & Beach Hotel. The bungalows were very clean, specious and just in front of the beach. The food at the hotel was very good with every dinner dedicated to a specific cuisine (African, American, Italian etc), and don't hesitate to try the fruits that are freshly delivered. The pool area is the perfect "location" to be at and during low tide, if you are not the "pool type", you can go to the jetty bar for a cocktail.

There is Wi-Fi working in the rooms. Book one of the excursions on offer to enjoy the different beaches that make up Zanzibar. Stay in one of the bungalows that face the sea to enjoy the ocean breeze. Water shoes are a MUST.

The Most Incredible Place To Visit

Rating:  stars
Author: Caroline Cooper
Posted: Monday, March 27 2017, 14:45:39

My husband and I had the privilege of traveling to Zanzibar and we didn't really know what to expect until we got there. We were so amazed at how awesome Zanzibar is. The Bungalows, Reef & Beach is the place where we stayed at and will definitely visit again if we go back to Zanzibar. We had the most memorable time there. The food was excellent; there was so much to choose from at the different meal times. Each meal has a huge buffet to choose from. We suggest to book on All Inclusive if you travel to Zanzibar. The staff are also really great. Although the beach was quite rocky we got to enjoy some good swims at high tide from the jetty. The water was so clear and warm. The jetty bar is the place to be when you want to relax and enjoy the sea breeze. At low tide you can take leisure walk. The rooms are really comfortable and the staff who clean the rooms are exceptionally friendly. The pool area was amazing.

The Managers and The Bungalows, Reef & Beach are really great people, very friendly and helpful. They made our stay even more enjoyable. One of the excursions organized for us is called Safari Blue. I would highly recommend the trip. We had so much fun. This was probably one of my best holidays ever and we are hoping to go back sometime next year and will definitely book at The Bungalows, Reef & Beach again.


Rating:  stars
Author: Phillip
Posted: Monday, March 27 2017, 14:42:14

The resort, Reef and Beach, is located on the beach; rooms are spacious and face the beautiful crystal ocean. The buffet is nice with a wide variety of foods on display to choose from. We found the staff to be extremely helpful. The location of Reef and Beach is lovely and all excursions are well organized. We stayed in Zanzibar at Reef and Beach for 4 nights, 5 days and we would have undoubtedly stayed for another week. We definitely recommend the hotel and destination to our families and friends!! Looking forward to going back next year…. JAMBO!!

Reef & Beach: Clean, Quiet and Friendly

Rating:  stars
Author: Obakeng
Posted: Monday, March 27 2017, 14:40:14

Reef & Beach is a quiet, very clean place to stay, with friendly staff. Very affordable which will make your holiday extra enjoyable. The hotel provided transportation for us to enjoy excursions that were on offer. Highly recommend staying there when traveling to Zanzibar.


Rating:  stars
Author: Joss
Posted: Monday, March 27 2017, 14:37:36

The Reef Resort is a really lovely resort to stay at. We stayed there for 6 nights and loved every moment of it. The hotel staff are all very friendly and happy to assist in every way. Management is always around making sure everything runs smoothly and the guests are well taken care of. Really makes you feel welcome. The food was delicious. The Reef Resort offer different themed evenings such as Arabic, Indian, Local, Western, and Italian. The various options work nicely especially when you are on an extended stay. Breakfast and lunches were also awesome. The jetty bar is a place to visit to enjoy the sunset, have a sun downer and enjoy the afternoon breeze. The Reef Resort comes very well recommended.

Amazing Holiday

Rating:  stars
Author: Jo-Ann
Posted: Monday, March 27 2017, 14:36:05

We had the experience of enjoying a one week holiday in Zanzibar, and the resort Reef and Beach Bungalows is the place to stay. You can enjoy the beach even though it is high tide. The jetty bar is great for cocktails and a clear view of the ocean. The food offered is very tasty, fresh and well prepared. We found that the staff are very helpful and efficient at running the hotel. We recommend trying the excursions. You get to enjoy a lot of the island and learn more about the culture. Reef and Beach Bungalows also provides shows in the evenings as additional entertainment. We had an amazing holiday.

The Sun Sea Bar Experience

Rating:  stars
Author: Marten
Posted: Monday, March 27 2017, 14:26:55

Reef and Beach Hotel is the best value for money hotel on the whole of Zanzibar. The All Inclusive meal basis is the best option to take when you booking your holiday. You also get to enjoy the bar that has fantastic views and extends into the ocean. The hotel and island is a good place for family and couples to enjoy. The beach is on the reef. Cooling drinks, good food, wonderful owners is what you will find at the Reef and Beach Hotel. Looking forward to going back there soon.

Going back next year!

Rating:  stars
Author: Roelf Breytenbach
Posted: Monday, May 28 2012, 13:25:32

Just want to say many many thanks for all your help to organize our trip to Zanzibar.
We were so thrilled with the holiday resort and the friendly people. We had the time of our life and are definitely going back there next year and will for sure contact you again!

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