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  • Hotel Safari - from 5200 (ZAR)
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One has to search very far to find a country that has such a spectacular variety of scenery, cultures, good weather, wildlife and above all a hospitality that is intoxicating. The western part of Namibia consists mainly of desert, but a desert that constantly changes - from rocky moon landscapes to red sand dunes that towers many hundreds of meters above sea-level. NAMIBIA TRAVEL INFO
Namibia is the Land of Contrasts - from tranquil wide open desert plains to the lush riverbeds, from clear starlit skies to a cozy barbecue campfire, from a seeming lifeless desert floor to wild animals gathering at waterholes - Namibia will soothe your soul and spirit. The sheer beauty of Namibia will captivate you to return again and again. NAMIBIA TRAVEL GUIDE
Namibia is in southern Africa bordering South Africa, Botswana, Angola and Zambia. Namibia has natural attractions as the Namib Desert, the Fish River Canyon, Etosha National Park and the Kalahari Desert. Its people speak nine different languages, including some of the Khoisan languages which include the 'clicks' that present an enigma to most native English-speakers. Namibia produces some of the world's highest quality diamonds. Transport network is very good either by road or air. more Namibia Travel guides»
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