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Mnarani Beach Cottages

Mnarani Beach Cottages, Nungwi, North Coast, Zanzibar
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Traveler Reviews   Traveler Rating: 4.8 (out of 5)
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Thank you

Rating:  stars
Author: Norman
Posted: Monday, October 22 2012, 12:54:40

Thanks for the travel arrangements, everything went according to plan and we had a great holiday


Excellent charming resort with an amazing personality

Rating:  stars
Author: Jacques Palmer
Posted: Tuesday, June 05 2012, 08:46:07

This is a fantastic hotel above and beyond of what we thought. Me and my wife stayed for 10 days in November 2011 and had the most incredible time! I highly reccommend this hotel
The staff are so warm and helpful and they always made sure that we had everything that we needed! As guests we felt safe, welcome and taken care of from day one.
The rooms are amazing and the food in the restaurants were amazingly delicious.

mnarani perfect holiday

Rating:  stars
Author: Rose Mok
Posted: Tuesday, June 05 2012, 08:43:25

We spent 5day's at mnarani at the beginning from January. We absolutely loved it. We defnitly going back. We just wanted a place to relax and relax. And thats all what we did. We relaxed. I loved reading in the hammock's, hubby love reading in front of our standard sea view room, the view is absolutely stunning!!! staff friendly. Yes rooms small, but what more do you need. we loved it and the view,sea is the most beautiful place on earth!!! we loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

Great place & lots of fun

Rating:  stars
Author: Luke Hatsie
Posted: Tuesday, June 05 2012, 08:35:35

This is a very late review. I stayed at this great hotel in March while I was traveling solo and plan on returning this March again. Food was excellent. Breakfast was satisfying. Staff were wonderful and the accommodation, was quite nice. Because this hotel is not HUGE, compared to many of the other big resorts in the area, we got to know many of the guests and had a grand time. It was like home away from home. Not perfect, a few "bugs" here and there, but it was the staff and guests that made my trip most memorable. So looking forward to returning to Mnarani Beach.

The trip was awesome

Rating:  stars
Author: Lize Marick
Posted: Thursday, March 01 2012, 16:19:16

Hi Marian

The trip was awesome and we had a great stay.

Everybody was very friendly at Mnarani and our Transfers were on time.

Lize Marick

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