Reviews For Medhufushi Island Resort Package

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Medhufushi Island Resort Package

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Traveler Reviews   Traveler Rating: 4.8 (out of 5)
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Lovely, relaxing island

Rating:  stars
Author: Bradley Mtali
Posted: Saturday, May 19 2012, 22:56:36

The water villa experience was simply amazing! The room is spacious and the decor is lovely, but we spent most our time out on the deck or in the water.
We went snorkling everyday down from the villa, as well as the free snorkling excursions that the hotel organises and it was out of this world! The snorkling equipment is chargeable and we paid $45 pp for a week which is reasonable. At the bottom of our villa we saw all kinds of fish, a few rays and a baby reef shark on our last day! We were hoping to see more but I suppose it depends on the seasons/currents etc.

We went diving only once, but it really is something to try, the instructors are very friendly, helpful and experienced which makes you feel safe, but be aware that all the equipment you use is chargeable and i think overall we paid something like $380 for the both of us which includes services and goverment tax (which is added onto the price of EVERYTHING that is extra - even bottled water!)

The staff there are extremely friendly and helpful.

Made our honeymoon even more incredible

Rating:  stars
Author: Becky Watley
Posted: Saturday, May 19 2012, 22:53:31

The water villas are amazing though, steps down into the sea, spacious bathrooms and the sealife that you see from them is staggering, baby sharks, turtles, rays, huge puffer fish!
The sea is that perfect picture postcard blue and yes the beach has a few bits of sharp coral but we often waded out barefoot. We were on the side where the seaplanes land and were never woken by the noise.

We were all inclusive and were so glad as food and drinks did seem expensive. The food was outstanding, so much choice and lots of food stations where your food was cooked in front of you.

Honeymoon in paradise

Rating:  stars
Author: Cherzer Herbie
Posted: Saturday, May 19 2012, 22:49:34

This place is amazing, it outlived all expectations I had and is the most beautiful place I have ever visited. Customer service was very good and the waiter we had for the whole 10 days we were there was friendly and very comical (I think his name was Ahmed). There are also plenty of things to do in terms of water sports etc if you wish to do that!

Good hotel and good diving

Rating:  stars
Author: Nana Buateng
Posted: Saturday, May 19 2012, 22:46:40

We spent two weeks in Medhufushi Island Resort. It's quite big island for Maldives and there are more than 150 villas. There are good rooms (but not very new) and good service. Restaurant has choice for different taste from Indian, Japanes and Europian food.

Atoll has several interesting dive sites but best of them are outside reef where you can see white tip sharks and great mantas almost every day. One time we seen even hammerheads there. Werner Lou's Dive centre is one of best in Maldives with good dive guides and equipment.

Island has good swimingpool.


Rating:  stars
Author: Pavel Patel
Posted: Saturday, May 19 2012, 22:42:54

Amazing place for relaxation. Island is big enough and you won't see crowds walking around. The whole place is silent, even from the side where seaplans land. Perfect snorkeling. Highly recommend this place.

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