Reviews For Karafuu Beach Resort and Spa Package

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Karafuu Beach Resort and Spa Package

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A Paradise Holiday @ Karafuu

Rating:  stars
Author: Alexa Torris
Posted: Wednesday, May 03 2017, 12:22:44

We have just returned home from a wonderful holiday in Zanzibar. We stayed at Karafuu Beach Resort and Spa. We were given a great opportunity to spend time in paradise, including excellent service during our stay at Karafuu. We appreciate the great service we received from the restaurant team. They made our stay a brilliant time.

We will never forget any moment of our visit on the amazing island. Of course Zanzibar is not only a touristic paradise but also the place of living for people who were born in Tanzania or directly on Zanzibar.

We are so glad we had an opportunity to see this unique place of the world. We appreciated the care, services and pleasant behaviour and smiles every day of the staff at the hotel and the local people who live on the island.
Thank you again for a fun during our "Swahili" lessons we have been taking all the time.

Karafuu Zanzibar

Rating:  stars
Author: Lewis Allen
Posted: Wednesday, May 03 2017, 12:21:27

We stayed for a week in this wonderful place. The staff is very kind, the room service was excellent, kept clean! The waiters at the bars were very good. The location of the hotel is amazing. We highly recommend Karafuu.

Karafuu - A Wonderful Place to Stay

Rating:  stars
Author: Dan Berry
Posted: Wednesday, May 03 2017, 12:19:39

We had a great time in Zanzibar at Karafuu Resort. The bungalows are much bigger than we expected. The view is incredible. If your room is on sea side, the ocean is directly in front of your room. You have plenty of space in your room. Dinner as well as breakfast is delicious in the restaurant. The service is very good. Some of the staff are tremendously kind and take care of anything you ask. Our stay was worth the money we spent.

Our Time in Zanzibar - Karafuu

Rating:  stars
Author: Alvin Edwards
Posted: Wednesday, May 03 2017, 12:18:13

My husband and I travelled to Zanzibar for the first time. The trip was great. Due to health issues, we are very selective in the food we eat. We met the Chef who is a special person, and prepared for what we needed. He took care of all our needs even on his day off, always with a smile and with all of his full care and attention. We enjoyed our vacation thanks to him.

Karafuu Beach Resort - Zanzibar

Rating:  stars
Author: Angel Burke
Posted: Wednesday, May 03 2017, 12:16:01

I've been staying at Karafuu Beach Resort for a few weeks each time for the past 2 years. I have seen the hotel in every season and had the chance to enjoy some of the different room types. The complex is huge, beautiful and got some really secret lovely spots to relax and at the same time shared spaces to enjoy the company of other travellers. The hotel has bars (3 around the resort), a pool table, Gym, tennis courts and table tennis, a spa, diving centre, 4 swimming pools and a great beach. There is also an entertaining team that offers beach trips, Swahili lessons, pool activities and more.

Rooms are spacious and offer all that you need, each part of the resort has its own magic. The Resort Management, reception and staff is just great and attend to every need with patience and care! Food and Bars are run exceptionally well, service is very good and also Kitchen team is aware and attentive to kosher issues and special diet requests...
I have also had the opportunity of attending a Christmas Gala Dinner. The dinner was just amazing! The Italian ownership was well presented, full with imported sausages, cheese from around the world, plenty of sea food. The best I’ve seen on the island. Every evening there is an entertainment show and the bar is open till midnight. Dinner is also served twice a week in the nearby “Masai village” dining room that is just fun, it’s under the stars with a bonfire in the middle, giving a feel of true Africa.

The view from the resort on the amazing Indian Ocean tide is like looking at an ever changing colorful picture.

Beautiful Setting

Rating:  stars
Author: April Rodriquez
Posted: Wednesday, May 03 2017, 12:13:32

We stayed at Karafuu Zanzibar for a week just before Christmas. Beautiful setting - palm trees, powdery white beaches and warm, blue sea - a bit like paradise. We had a wonderful, restful time - friendly service, wonderful weather etc. I would recommend Karafuu if you're looking to relax in a beautiful tropical setting.

Stunning Scenery with Awesome Crystal Blue Seas - Karafuu

Rating:  stars
Author: Sandy Thornton
Posted: Wednesday, May 03 2017, 12:07:30

It was our first trip to Zanzibar and it will not be our last. Karafuu on an All Inclusive package is good value for money. The setting is awesome with amazing views and beautiful blue seas and palm trees. The rooms were comfortable, the best part being the air-conditioning. We definitely recommend the Sea View Room. The food on offer had a wide variety of choice. The staff are friendly and overall a very relaxing holiday. We met lots of interesting foreign people from all over the world.

A Well Priced Gem in Zanzibar

Rating:  stars
Author: Gerard Butler
Posted: Wednesday, May 03 2017, 12:04:13

My husband and I stayed in a junior suite at Karafuu Beach for 7 nights. The bungalow was very spacious, clean and tastefully decorated. Our suite opened directly onto the beach so the sea was almost at the door with its calming sounds and soothing breeze. The jetty out into the sea made for a pleasant walk into the sea daily. The property is wide-spread and beautiful - with majestic wooden furniture and Arabian touches in the common areas. Catering on the All-Inclusive package was generally delicious with adequate choices. The Italian and seafood speciality restaurants stand out as must-have experiences that break the cycle of the main restaurant's menu. The nightly entertainment was of a very high standard, especially the dancers from Stone Town. The staff was kind, accommodating and always pleasant. They add great value to the resort. Overall excellent value for money whether you stay in all day or tour around Zanzibar daily. Would definitely stay at Karafuu Beach again.

Lovely Place for a Family Holiday

Rating:  stars
Author: Randall Grant
Posted: Wednesday, May 03 2017, 12:02:50

I was in Zanzibar with with my family. We stayed at Karafuu Beach Resort and Spa. The hotel is lovely and very clean. Our bungalow that we stayed in was kept clean and well maintained. I recommend a bungalow on the cliff overlooking the ocean as the best choice. The staff was professional, gracious and hospitable and were eager to please. The kitchen staff was very considerate of dietary requirements, in our case, kosher food. The hotel is certainly comfortable. We enjoyed our stay very much.

Nice Resort on the East Coast Zanzibar

Rating:  stars
Author: Debbie Graves
Posted: Wednesday, May 03 2017, 11:52:06

We stayed for four nights at Karafuu Beach Resort in Zanzibar. We loved the relaxed atmosphere there after a hectic week on the mainland. Karafuu sits in very nice surroundings directly on the beach and it is beautifully laid out with space between huts and open footpaths. The huts are spacious. We recommend staying in a hut in the front row at the beach. We also recommend taking the All Inclusive option. In addition to the many choices of foods it gives you, it also gives access to unlimited drinking water (and in a hot climate one needs gallons), local beers (such as Serengeti and Kilimanjaro), wine and local drinks.

We simply enjoyed the big saltwater pool facing the beach. On the beach Karafuu has constructed a concrete jetty leading out into the sea across the hard and rocky inner part of the seabed. Near the end of the jetty there are many varieties of lagoon fish that nibble at the algae on the sides of the jetty. It was very easy and safe to snorkel there.

The fitness centre has a good variety of equipment to use. There is air-con and free drinking water and towels.

We had a lovely time staying at Karafuu and recommend it to anyone wanting to travel to Zanzibar.

Karafuu is Paradise

Rating:  stars
Author: Candice Palmer
Posted: Monday, May 28 2012, 14:35:14

I've been to a lot of resorts and this one might be my favorite. The food is terrific, the staff is super friendly, and the setting is pure paradise. You have to walk out on the jetty - which is pretty fun.

Ultimate Getaway

Rating:  stars
Author: Kara phills
Posted: Monday, May 28 2012, 14:32:20

Been to Karafuu in December 2011. It was excellent,,the food, the staff, the spa. Beach is wonderful. Enjoyed the activities, beach volley ball, water aerobics, bowls. The friday nite dinner under the open skies was excellent, with traditional meals and a bon fire. My kids enjoyed it thoroughly. Also learned a bit of Swahili from the staff. A heavenly experience...

Honeymoon worth bragging about!!

Rating:  stars
Author: Keagan Hassett
Posted: Monday, May 28 2012, 14:31:08

I was very pleased with the service that my wife and I received at the Karafuu Hotel in Zanzibar.I couldn't have asked for a better experience at the hotel.


Rating:  stars
Author: Ross
Posted: Thursday, February 17 2011, 20:37:51

Our holiday at Karafuu was awesome!!!

Karafuu hotel and beach resort

Rating:  stars
Author: R Berry
Posted: Monday, February 15 2010, 11:28:26

We had a truly fantastic holiday here in December 2009. The hotel is set in the most beautiful settings, and the Italian influence on the food makes it delicious! We loved every moment of our time there, but more than anything else, it is the outstanding service provided by the wonderful staff that made our holiday so memorable.

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