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Republic of Congo Travel Info
The Republic of Congo, often nicknamed as Congo-Brazzaville, is the smaller ones of the two Congos. As a former French colony, it was known under French Equatorial Africa. Independence for Congo came in 1960.
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Central African Republic Travel Info
Central African Republic, originally French colony known as Ubangi-Shari, gained independence in 1960. After three decades of military misrule (you might know the name Bokassa), it was finally heading towards democracy, until another military coup happened in 2003.
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Cape Verde Travel Info
Cape Verde is previously uninhabited island colonized by Portugal in 15th century. It became a port and major centre for slave trading soon after. Independence from Portugal was declared in 1975.
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Cameroon Travel Info
Former colony of colonial superpowers Britain, France and Germany, Cameroon is a towards democratic country with the power in hands of an ethnic oligarchy that gained independence in 1860.
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Burundi Travel Info
Burundi is a very mountainous landlocked country in east-central Africa, former German and Belgium colony, with a long history of civil wars and ethnic violence.
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Burkina Faso Travel Info
Burkina Faso means „the land of upright people“ in Mossi and Dioula languages. One of the poorest countries in Africa was called Upper Volta formerly, and gained independence from France in 1960.
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Benin Travel Info
Benin is a seaside country with long and moving history, and wild nature. Former kingdom of Dahomey with prosperous slave trading has established relations with Europe since the 15th century. Becoming French colony in 1892, Benin was granted autonomy in 1958. Current president Mathieu Kérékou established Marxist government in 1972 after a military coup, yet in 1992, he became the first black president in Africa to step down after election – in that time, Benin was already a democracy. He returned to power in 1996 elections.
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Angola General Info
Angola is a former Portuguese colony with vast natural resources, including diamonds and oil. It was part of Congo before portuguese colonization. After 27 years of civil war, Angolan people are enjoying the fragile and unstable peace only since 2002.
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Algeria Travel
Algeria is a mysterious country with clean beaches and fascinating Sahara. It derives its name from the city of Algiers, the capital of Algeria. It is the second largest country in Africa. First settled by Phoenicians, Berbers and Arabians came later. Algeria was a French colony from 1830 to 1962.
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Sport Fishing on the Bazaruto Archipelago
The Bazaruto Archipelago has been considered one of East Africa’s best, and certainly Mozambique’s, premier fishing destinations since the late 50’s, when pioneer anglers fishing from the basic fleet at Santa Carolina island discovered a very healthy population of giant black marlin in a sea which teemed with other, then so called “lesser gamefish.”
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