Gorilla Encounter - 7 Day Accommodated Tour (NAKK), Uganda

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Gorilla Encounter - 7 Day Accommodated Tour (NAKK)

Destination: Uganda
Duration: 7 Days
Departs From: Kampala, Uganda
Regions Included:Lake Bunyonyi, Chimpanzee, Equator, Rain Forest, Trekking

Meet up with your tour in Kampala before travelling to Lake Bunyonyi with its dramatic island scattered views. Here we prepare for our trek to the nearly extinct mountain gorilla families of Uganda. Get your boots on and go in search of these magnificent creatures as they continue their day to day existence in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, your local guides will show you where to find them. We finish off our tour with a visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park where we will do a game drive and you can also take some time to trek for wild chimpanzees at Lake George.


Day 1 - Gorillas (Lake Bunyoni)
Lake Bunyonyi is a small but attractive lake with steep sides and abundant birdlife. Ringed by mountains, the lake is best known for its dense Otter population and stunning scenery. We make use of this beautiful spot to relax the night before the final drive to the gorillas.

Day 2 - Gorillas (Lake Bunyoni)
The mountain gorilla is extremely endangered and while exact numbers vary it is widely assumed that there are only around 650 left. Visiting the gorillas is a great way to support their future on earth as the money spent on permits is used for their protection. An extremely important part of the future conservation of the remaining gorillas rests in the community development work – as local communities change their attitudes towards wildlife and start to protect rather than poach, the future of the mountain gorilla is assured.

As permits granting permission to visit the gorillas are extremely limited we require flexibility in both the tour itinerary and where we actually visit them. The home of the mountain gorillas is completely at odds with man-made borders and so their range encompasses Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo). Whenever possible we choose to make use of the National Park in Uganda, but this depends on the availability of permits.

Should we not obtain permits to visit the mountain gorillas in Uganda then we will inform all passengers beforehand that the tour will travel to Rwanda or DRC.
On your free day in Bunyoni you will have the opportunity to participate in certain optional activities. You can also go hiking or explore the area on a mountain bike.

Day 3 - Gorillas (Lake Bunyoni)
Although there are 2 days allocated to Gorilla Trekking you will only spend one day on the trek. The other days are there to provide a large enough window in which to obtain permits and to allow the entire group to trek if there are more than 6 of you on the tour.

Day 4 - Lake Bunyoni – Kampala
Today we say farewell to the Gorillas and make the long journey back to Uganda’s capital, Kampala.

Day 5 - Murchison Falls
The Murchison Falls, also referred to as the Kabaraga Falls, is a waterfall found on the course of the great Nile and are located within the Murchison National Park. The park is recognized as one of the best National Parks in Uganda. This afternoon we will enjoy a game drive through the park in search of the great diversity of wild animals including lion, buffalo, leopards, elephant and numerous bird species. Our accommodation for the night is located in the Paraa’ area, meaning “the place of hippos”.

Day 6 – Nakitoma
Budongo Forest is the biggest Mahogany forest found in the whole of East Africa and is home to the largest number of chimpanzees throughout Uganda. Budongo boasts a high biodiversity of 24 species of small animals, 9 of which are primates.

It is believed that there are between 600 – 700 chimpanzees in Budongo and this morning we will meet up with our chimp guide who will take us on our trek through the forest in search of the chimps. This afternoon we depart Murchison National Park and head to Ziwa Rhino & Wildlife Ranch, home to the only wild rhino’s in Uganda.

Day 7 – Kampala
Today we drive back to Kampala where our tour will come to an end.


NB – The Itinerary is flexible and can be changed without notice in order to accommodate the best possible viewing of the Mountain Gorillas. The Permit price to visit the Gorillas can also change without notice.

Additional Information:
Tour departs: Kampala, Uganda
Tour ends: Kampala, Uganda
Single supplement: R1490.00
Activity package: R1250.00 (Chimpanzee trekking)
The permit price to visit the gorillas can also change without notice and is currently between USD630.00 and USD730.00 per person.
Meals included: 6 x Breakfasts, 6 x Lunches, 6 x Dinners
Frequency: Three a month
Min / Max People: 4 / 18

The itinerary has been written with the Activity Package items included. If you wish to participate in all the activities listed, you will need to purchase the Activity Package.
NB – The Itinerary is flexible and can be changed without notice in order to accommodate the best possible viewing of the Mountain Gorillas. The Permit price to visit the Gorillas can also change without notice.

General Policies & Disclaimers

All information is subject to change without prior notice. Rates quoted are for South African Residents. Rates for other Nationalities available on request. Please ensure that you have received the latest version of this dossier, as Nomad is continually striving to improve the standards and quality of our tours and itineraries are subject to change. Travel times and campsites can change depending on road or weather conditions, or any unforseen circumstances. These are used as a guideline only. On our longer tours it is possible that your crew, truck and fellow travellers will change due to our unique tour linking system. On this tour, camping and accommodated clients will be travelling together with a maximum number of participants of 18.

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Gorilla Encounter - 7 Day Accommodated Tour (NAKK), Uganda