Dunes de Dovela, Inhambane, Mozambique

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Dunes de Dovela

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Dunes de Dovela

In this magic and unspoilt place in Mozambique, discover nature, local culture and traditions. Come and relax in our lodge’s peaceful environment where a personalised service will enable you to enjoy every moment of your stay.

A track winds through the forest, past coconut trees, cassava fields and villages on the edge of a lagoon and will take you to the “Dunes de Dovela” which overlook the Indian Ocean.

Having been charmed by the area’s beauty and simplicity we have built “Dunes de Dovela” lodge in partnership with the local Chopé community. We would like to welcome you to our lodge in order to share the experience.

Paths through the dunes and the coastal forest, along the edge of the Dongane lagoon and towards Dovela village offer you lots of opportunities to explore the area and meet local people. Alternatively, relax on the terrace of your comfortable chalet and watch the humpback whales.

Also, come and enjoy our restaurant’s breathtaking views, friendly atmosphere and delicious Franco-Mozambican cuisine.

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Dunes de Dovela Amenities


Having left your vehicle in the car park, you will walk up to the reception which comprises a welcome area, a shop and the hotel office. A wooden staircase will take you down to the restaurant and the shaded patio with views of the sea and the dunes, the bar and comfortable living area, the conference room and the washrooms.

The luxurious bungalows

All the bungalows have their own bathroom, toilet and an outside shower that faces the sea. They are equipped for two people, but up to two additional single beds can be provided on request, as can a cot. From your bedroom, French windows that look out over the ocean allow access to your private terrace. The architecture of the bungalows and their location will give you unrivalled views of the sea and dunes whilst enjoying the cooling sea breeze and being close to nature.

The bush camp:
Set up in the costal forest, the bush camp has 5 separated spaces. Each tent (bow 3*3) is pitched on a wooden platform which ends up with a privative terrace. Equipped with a double bed, a single bed or 2 stretchers, these tents are perfect to enjoy the beauty and the diversity of the costal forest. Playing with the environment, high established showers and toilets overlook the site, the Indian Ocean ?. or the stars !

The site

From your accomodation, you will be able to explore the beautiful surroundings on foot. A network of shady marked paths lead you from your bungalow or your tent to the restaurant (between 40m and 80m), to the sea (300m), to the viewing platforms, through the forest, to Dongane lagoon (1.5 km) and to the villages of Chume (4km) and Dovela (6km).

The restaurant

In the restaurant, Mozambican specialities and French recipes are combined to create new, seasonal flavours. Locally-produced vegetables, fruit, fish and lobster are the highlights in our healthy, varied and delicious cuisine. The quality of food, service and atmosphere in the restaurant are all worthy of a restaurant in France.

In the heat of the day, come and relax on the shady patio. Browse through the library that includes books on local customs and traditions and local flora and fauna.

In the evening, enjoy a glass of Tipo Tinto in the welcoming bar or a cocktail round the camp fire under the stars.

Area Attractions

The Mozambican experience we offer you is centred on relaxation, nature and local culture. If you have ever dreamt of exploring unspoilt Africa on foot, then the Dunes de Dovela is a perfect destination for you.

Discovering the fauna and the flora

Situated between the sea and an inland lake, the Dovela dunes are a diverse and unique environment. Spread over 80 hectares, discreet wooden platforms have been constructed in strategic locations interconnected by marked paths.

The inland lake is a habitat favoured by birds (African fish eagle, cormorants, kingfishers...) which can be spotted on foot, from the bird hides or from a canoe on the lagoon. The coastal forest is full of life: small mammals (antelopes, monkeys, bushbabies, mongooses), birds, butterflies, insects, trees and flowers. You can admire the dramatic sunsets from the summit of a dune and in the evening, gaze at the southern hemisphere stars.

Each day, guided walks on different themes (flora, animals, birds) are led by Thomas Bruneau, who is passionate about nature and a qualified guide (FGASA Field and Trail Guide, Level I, South Africa).

Discovering the Chop way of life

Coconut palms, cashews, Natal mahogany and other tree species are grown and used by the Chop people. Visits to their farms and villages on the shores of the lagoon are fascinating and provide an opportunity to meet local people. You will experience the warmth of the Chop? community and learn about their way of life : their agriculture, crafts and cuisine.

Life in Dovela also involves the sea. Fish, lobsters, crabs and shellfish (mussels, oysters) are all important in the local diet. You can join in the fishing activities if the tides permit.

The sea

The beach is deserted and a rocky barrier forms a tidal pool where you can swim protected from the waves. You can borrow a mask and snorkel from the lodge in order to explore the colourful underwater life on the reef.

This part of the Indian Ocean is inhabited by dolphins all year round. Between June and September, humpback whales also visit these waters. From a platform on the summit of a dune you can watch these magnificent mammals.


The lodge provides a map of the marked nature trails. Walk alone, with friends or with the family, for an hour, half a day or a whole day. Picnics, snacks or refreshments can be provided on request, as can a baby carrier.

The team at Dunes de Dovela can also organise tailored walking excursions of several days, camping in the dunes and the forest.

Further afield

From Zavora (16 km - 30 mins) diving expeditions or boat trips can be organised if you want to get close to the humpback whales and dolphins. You might be lucky enough to swim with manta rays or whale sharks (ask us about the rates).

In the small town of Inharrime you can wander around the market and experience life in the Province of Inhambane.

The Polela Lagoon and the marshes in Panda are both excellent for bird-watching.

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