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Constance Halaveli Resort Package

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the perfect place

Rating:  stars
Author: Lauren Grobler
Posted: Tuesday, May 22 2012, 11:52:00

During the month of February we visited the Halaveli resort for 1 week. Itís a real amazing place. A real paradise! The people moved heaven on earth to please me and the family Buelens. We stayed in the Double Storey Beach Villa number 4 with immediate access to the beautiful white beach with his palm trees and amazing views over the ocean. Itís unbelievable how a small island like Halaveli can have such a variety of food and wine. They have the best sommelier of the Maladives. For each course (starter, mean course or dessert) Sampath provided us with the best wines you can think of. He really knows how to make the food even tastier by matching the perfect wine.
Other things I can suggest are to take a massage in the Spa and to go snorkeling with the turtles.
I can recommend this resort to everybody!

Complete Paradise

Rating:  stars
Author: ashley Kemp
Posted: Tuesday, May 22 2012, 11:47:52

I hardly know where to start on this review - everything about this hotel was just lovely. This was the most relaxing holiday my partner and I have ever had. We were lucky enough to spend two weeks at Halaveli, in water villa number 68. This would be deemed 'sunset' side but due to the time of year the sun effectively set right at the end of the water villa jetty. Not that this mattered - the water villa was fabulous. Hugely spacious and really nicely laid out. Our room was kept beautifully clean by Namil, who cleaned twice a day. We thought the little infinity pool might be a bit superfluous given that we were surrounded by, well, water, but actually it was belting hot and we spent a lot of time cooling down in the pool.

My favourite resort

Rating:  stars
Author: Katryn Classen
Posted: Tuesday, May 22 2012, 11:45:37

After seeing many resorts in the Maldives I found the perfect one. After a short seaplane ride with Maldivian Air Taxi you reach the resort. Their landing space is a bit away from the resort so that you dont get any disturbance from the seaplane. A short boat ride and you reach paradise. After a warm welcome and resort explanation you get escorted to your room. I had a spacious watervilla with an amazing private pool. The rooms are separated in two parts, one for bathroom and other one for sleeping. There is a huge TV system with good music to choose from. The food is just amazing. Beautiful selection, great quality and god and attentive service. Also do not miss the main pool which is designed very elegant.
The resort is in perfect condition and the layout well planned. The staff is amazing and very professional. A big thanks to Dominik and Elisabeth and all the other staff to make my stay so special. I would definitely recommend this beautiful resort to friends and family (especially if you like to have a romantic holiday) and return anytime. For sure one of the best resorts in the Maldives.

Perfect Maldives Hideaway

Rating:  stars
Author: Christele Steinberg
Posted: Tuesday, May 22 2012, 11:41:27

Halaveli is a beautiful hideaway resort. Pick the right room, and you barely need to see anyone. We stayed in a beach villa. The room was large and airy, and had a separate walk in wardrobe and loo. The bathroom was outdoors in the back garden, along with a plunge pool, enormous sunken bathtub and sunloungers - the walls surrounding the garden were high enough to provide the privacy needed for naked sunbathing. There was also a front garden with a dining area, comfy chairs and yet more sunloungers, and a small gate leading to the beach, where again they'd provided a couple of loungers and a table.

Amazing honeymoon

Rating:  stars
Author: Mark Smith
Posted: Tuesday, May 22 2012, 11:37:57

We stayed for 10 days at Halaveli and we can only say how happy we were with our stay!
The service crew, from manager to our lovely villa keeper were very helpful and made everything they could to make us happy!
Water qualit was amazing, lots of baby sharks was making amazing moments for one of my hobbys as a amateur photografer.
Special thanks to "TOBIAS" the German diving instructor who was responsable to take my trauma from Diving away and now Iīm always looking forward to do it again and again.
The only thing we were not so happy was with the hotel reef, we saw better ones but I guess we are quite spoiled in this case. :)
Our Villa had an AMAAAAAZING sunset, and if you go there, check the possibility with the staff.
Food was everyday amazing. Spa and Yoga classes as well. Pilates was a bit too early for me.
We highly recomend and would love to come back to this paradise.

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