Chada Katavi Lodge, Katavi National Park, Tanzania

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Chada Katavi Lodge

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Katavi National Park

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Chada Katavi Lodge

Nestled in the mottled shade of large acacia and tamarind trees on the edge of the scenic Chada floodplain is the beautiful Chada Katavi - a secluded, classic safari-styled camp, remotely situated to offer its guests unrivalled game viewing in pristine wilderness. Six beautifully furnished tents boast fine wooden furniture, oh-so comfy beds and a lovely bush bathroom set behind each tent.

From its elevated vantage point, Chada Katavi offers its guests breathtaking panoramic views, which can be enjoyed from the privacy of the tents or from the beautifully appointed dining area. Katavi National Park is home to a plethora of wildlife. Here guests can view vast herds of buffalo, elephant and an assortment of stealthy predators. Activities include twice-daily game drives in open 4x4 safari vehicles, bush walks with an armed guide and fly camping, which will take guests to the heart of Kataviís untamed wilderness.

Area Attractions

Katavi National Park remains one of the greatest wildlife experiences of Africa. Miles from anywhere, it has an almost mythical status and, itís thought, a greater density of mammals than any other Tanzanian reserve. Massed on the plains are the last great herds of buffalo in East Africa, up to 1000 head.

Rivers groan with hippopotamus, and crocodile. Almost everywhere you look thereís something grazing, bellowing, fighting, mating, hunting. Days on the hoof in Katavi can be wild beyond belief.

In this mega-beast land all animals need a really good place to hole up, and for a decade Manís retreat has been Chada Katavi, hidden on a shady spit of acacias and tamarinds on the edge of the great Chada plain.
This is the place for the wildlife connoisseur, and the traveller who thinks the African bush can offer up no more surprises. Happily indulged, watching the elephants head out to water as dusk falls, you feel like one of the last great pioneers; binoculars in your hand, Africa filling your head.

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Chada Katavi Lodge Reviews

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Chada Katavi

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Author: Beatrix van Gass

Posted: Monday, April 01 2013, 13:25:20

We loved every second of our stay at Chada Katavi. The service was excellent and the food fantastic. The African bush experience was close up and personal. Wow!!!

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