Reviews For Amaan Bungalows Beach Resort Package

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Amaan Bungalows Beach Resort Package

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Fabulous Beach in Zanzibar

Rating:  stars
Author: Charlotte Perkins
Posted: Tuesday, May 16 2017, 14:09:43

I've really enjoyed being at Amaan Bungalows. The food and beverages were just amazing and with reasonable prices. The people at the hotel are lovely and so helpful. The beach is beautiful and the rooms have amazing views whether it is of the pool and gardens or the ocean. Will go back to Amaan.

Amazing Amaan Bungalows

Rating:  stars
Author: Kristin Bell
Posted: Tuesday, May 16 2017, 14:08:46

We had a very good time at Amaan Bungalows. Beautiful beach, a lot of entertainment around the hotel, great food and the Staff are very friendly. Wi-Fi is available. You are given bottled water each day and the views from the rooms are amazing. I will definitely come back.

Hotel Room on the Beach

Rating:  stars
Author: Lexi Belle
Posted: Tuesday, May 16 2017, 14:07:30

Considering Amaan Bungalows in Zanzibar is a 3-star hotel it's really excellent. The location could not be better and if you book a sea view room (which you 100% should!) you'll have the most amazing experience every morning of waking up and seeing the beach and hearing the waves from your bed. The location is fantastic with all the restaurants within a few minutes walking distance along the beach and from what we could see Amaan Bungalow's really had one of the best stretches of beach in Nungwi. All in all I really recommend staying here.

Amaan in Zanzibar

Rating:  stars
Author: Maria Le Roux
Posted: Tuesday, May 16 2017, 14:06:46

My friends as I visited Amaan Bungalows, in Zanzibar. We had a beautiful view right in front of the Indian Ocean, the breeze on your face. Just perfect. We ordered pizzas for dinner one evening and a couple of starters. I must say it was the best pizza we ever had in Nungwi (or anything closer to Nungwi). Service was excellent. The starters were great too. We had chicken wings, boneless chicken tandoori and some calamari. The hotel has superb views, great access to the beach, and the food was delicious. I will definitely return.

Zanzibar is a Great Place to Relax

Rating:  stars
Author: John Hamman
Posted: Tuesday, May 16 2017, 14:05:39

Zanzibar is by far a great place to relax and enjoy the beaches. Amaan Bungalows is also one of the nice resorts to stay at. The pool is excellent; rooms are large and have a very comfortable bed. They rooms are kept clean and maintained throughout the day. It's a beautiful place to walk around and it's got several restaurants. Wi-Fi is available. Good laundry service.

Better Than Expected

Rating:  stars
Author: Nathan Turner
Posted: Tuesday, May 16 2017, 14:04:48

I was so excited to go to Zanzibar, but a bit sceptical about the accommodation. But I was so pleasantly surprised once I arrived there. I enjoyed the beautiful beaches, walking the village and getting to know the culture. The rooms had an aircon, bed and bathroom which are all you need when visiting a different country. The breakfast buffet was superb! Service is in your typical African time and African way. The people are respectful, honest and welcoming. Great location, nice restaurant and friendly staff. Had a great time!

Great Location for Amaan Bungalows

Rating:  stars
Author: Gail Weaver
Posted: Tuesday, May 16 2017, 14:03:41

Amaan Bungalows is in a great location. The food on offer is delicious. Wi-Fi is available except around the pool. Although the rooms are basic, they are clean and well maintained. I recommend Amaan to others.

Amaan Bungalows

Rating:  stars
Author: Matt Saunders
Posted: Tuesday, May 16 2017, 14:02:53

Amaan Bungalows is a lovely place to stay at when travelling to Zanzibar. The rooms and pool are quite nice and the beach out the front is beautiful. It's a very friendly and touristic place.

We Had a Lovely Stay in Zanzibar

Rating:  stars
Author: Jill Berry
Posted: Tuesday, May 16 2017, 14:02:03

We were a group of 5 friends that travelled to Zanzibar. We booked our accommodation at Amaan Bungalows. We had Garden View rooms which we liked very much. The pool area is quite nice as well. The beach in front of the hotel was a very nice one, guarded whenever we went down there. We enjoyed breakfast in the main restaurant and enjoyed lunch and dinner trying out the other restaurants. The hotel also gives bottled water which is included in the room price. The hotel also arranges excursions around the Island for you to enjoy.

The holiday was amazing

Rating:  stars
Author: Cyrene Stolk
Posted: Monday, April 08 2013, 14:27:50

Hi there

I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever – the holiday was amazing, and I have recommended AfricaStay to all my friends. Sun Tours treated us like gold, and Amaan Bungalows is an absolute paradise. Their breakfasts are not all that, but who cares when you wake up to paradise every morning? The rooms are clean, the staff are friendly, and everyone is so helpful. We had a slight mishap with our Safari Blue excursion – the bus got stuck in the mud after monsoon pours, but it made the holiday even more interesting. From the booking of the tickets, till the time we landed back in South Africa – the trip was amazing. Pictures don’t do Zanzibar justice – you have to go there to experience it.

Thanks for making our holiday a wonderful one.

Pictures to follow.

Kind regards

siply perfect, a real paradise!

Rating:  stars
Author: Ryan Harding
Posted: Thursday, May 24 2012, 16:44:55

I decided to go to zanzibar suddenly and i found immedialy availability at Amaan Bungalows.
Once arrived there, Amaan bungalow is absolutely central and in the middle of the best beaches of the island, it is a real paradise and very well connected! the staff is absolutely fantastic.

A nice place to stay and sleep - nice a quiet over night

Rating:  stars
Author: Kim Kelly
Posted: Thursday, May 24 2012, 16:42:23

Amaan Bungalows have nice large rooms with good bathrooms. The air-conditioners work vey well. They provide additional towels to take to the beach which is excellent and change all towels each day. They have two very nice restaurants if you do not want to venture out and are reasonably priced and compare well with most other restaurants near by. Very enjoy able stay will definitly use AfricaStay again.

good value

Rating:  stars
Author: Cathy Dube
Posted: Thursday, May 24 2012, 16:41:05

The standard rooms are nice and large with good bathrooms/showers and a couple of chairs outside on a shared balcony. Definately the best cheapie in the area. Breakfast was also really good, a buffet with different things each day. We stayed both in seaview and gardenview bungalows, and the view is great from the seaview ones.

Great value hotel

Rating:  stars
Author: Emma Tilburg
Posted: Thursday, May 24 2012, 16:40:01

Rooms are basic, clean and comfortable. The beach is fantastic and the restaurant, bar overlooking the ocean is great. Service was always polite and all in all a very relaxing, nice place to stay.

Our wonderful stay at Amaan Bungallows

Rating:  stars
Author: Craig
Posted: Thursday, May 24 2012, 16:38:44

May I take the opportunity to thank you and your staff which have all contributed to an unforgetable holiday.

We had a splendid time at Amaan Bungalows and enjoyed the beauty of Zanzibar fully!

You keep well. Hope to see you again some time in the future soon!

Kind regards

10 out of 10!

Rating:  stars
Author: Peter and Cornelia Steyn
Posted: Wednesday, February 29 2012, 14:44:07

Just want to thank you firstly for the arrangements and support for our holiday spent in Zanzibar.
Know we had to change times and dates several times due to my schedule.

Firstly I want to say that from arrival up until our departure after 24 days, we were treated like royalty by the staff.
The management and staff from cleaners up has been so helpful, and we lacked for nothing.
The room was great, sea-facing and with nice small verandah on the beach.
Restaurants provided excellent meals. As we had half board our breakfast and dinner was included. We could hardly ever get to use our allowed budget as food was always so good and filling. Struggled to get dessert done as well.
The management looking at this at own discretion spoiled us with fruit, juices, drinks and so much more.
The things that strike you is when you see top management together with ALL the staff go out and clean the beach for instance for visitors to enjoy.

We saw daily inspections in restaurants and kitchens as well to ensure everything was 100% at all times.
The facilities was great, shops, pool , all perfect.

We went there as visitors and left as part of a family, spoiled even with cake night before departure.
We will be back there next year as we feel it is the perfect place to be.

For MR Arshad and his team, I take my hat off to you.

Again for Africa stay and Sun tours, as our touring operators, Amaan is a place well recommended.

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