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Top Africa Travel Guides

Xai Xai Travel Guide
The town of Xai-Xai is situated on the Limpopo River. It’s got a sprawling settlement of houses, markets and shops. Tourists generally only stop off for supplies in Xai-Xai. The beach is situated about 10 kilometres to the east. The bay has a coral reef running about one kilometre off shore which offers protected waters for swimming and snorkelling. The coastal town has become a little run down of late but it has thriving restaurants, a campsite and a hotel.
Author: Zanzibar, Comments: 0, Rating: 7.00

Mauritius Culture
Mauritius is a blend of diverse cultures and religions which our immigrant population brought from their ancestral countries. Their festivities are celebrated in a spirit of peace and harmony throughout the year.
Author: mauritius, Comments: 0, Rating: 6.00

Mauritius General
Mauritius is a volcanic island, measuring 58km (36mi) from north to south and 47km (29mi) from east to west - about two-thirds the size of Luxembourg. It lies in the Indian Ocean, roughly 800km (500mi) east of Madagascar, 3860km (2400mi) south-west of India and 220km (135mi) north-east of its nearest neighbour, Réunion.
Author: mauritius, Comments: 0, Rating: 4.00

Tunisia Travel
This hospitable land of spices and scents invites you to enjoy its natural beauty, ancient activities and lively festivals and friendly people. Tunisia welcomes visitors to its shores and an impressive infrastructure of modern hotels, restaurants and an international airport. One can watch the sunrise over the Sahara, enjoy a meal at a seaside resort and top off the evening with a midnight swim in the pool of a modern comfortable hotel.
Author: Zanzibar, Comments: 0, Rating: 4.00

Togo Travel
Togo is probably one of the nicest places in Western Africa. Roads are pretty good, distances small, beaches sandy and white, people friendly, hills and mountains waiting to be explored. What else do you need?
Author: Zanzibar, Comments: 0, Rating: 4.00

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